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Our public school is outstanding and part because of parents and families like you.  We need parents from every walk of life to help us make this year amazing.  We have opportunities for everyone, from making fliers from the comfort of your own home, to designing our Monster Mash haunted house!  Everyone is welcome and anything you can do to help is appreciated not only by the PTO, teachers and staff but also the students.  For more information and to sign up please visit our volunteer sign up sheet and our PTO will get back to you with all the opportunities we have.

Why get involved?:


  • Supportive Network: We provide a network of parents who share common goals. By being engaged, you can connect with others, exchange ideas, and build friendships.

  • Role Model: Your commitment to education sets a powerful example for your child. It shows them the value you place on learning, inspiring them to take an active interest in their own education.

  • Collaboration: By participating in the PTO, you have a voice in decisions that affect our school community. Your input helps shape our programs and initiatives.

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