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You Give We Grow

Supporting our schools through the "You Give, We Grow" program holds tremendous significance. It addresses a significant shortfall of $30,000 and has a profound impact on students' lives. By contributing to this initiative, we ensure that Haynes CES can uphold their standards of excellence and create an optimal learning environment. Financial donations not only bridge the funding gap but also facilitate the overall growth and development of students. With ample resources, schools can invest in modern technology, enriching extracurricular activities, and additional educational opportunities. The "You Give, We Grow" program benefits both Haynes CES and the students directly, equipping them with the necessary tools and experiences for a successful future. Together, our collective efforts pave the way for a brighter tomorrow, nurturing knowledge, inspiration, and boundless potential.


 A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to the families who have generously donated to this program.


Our goal this year is to have EVERY SINGLE FAMILY contribute as much as they can, the suggested amount is $350 per child.


The $30,000 we raise through generous donations from our Haynes families each year goes to pay for:

  • Art Programs

  • Classroom Aides(without aids our Teachers would have to be giving attention to 25-35 at a time, which is impossible, especially if your child needs help!)

  • P.E. program with a certified P.E. Coach

  • Field Trips(Pays for the field trip cost which includes the Buses, which are at least $800 each)

  • Enhanced Instructional Materials

  • Student Agendas

  • Computer Software(AR Program/Spelling City and other programs used in and out of the classroom)

  • Computer Lab

  • Music Program

Please consider donating today!


IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW THIS WORKS OR YOU WANT TO SEE WHERE THE MONEY IS GOING COME TO A PTO MEETING OR A GOVERNANCE COUNCIL MEETING.  Take the time off of work, get a sitter, bring your kids, do whatever it takes to make sure your child gets the best quality education possible!  In today’s world our children need every advantage they can get and the benefits of gifting them your time and money now will pay off in Middle School, High School, College and beyond!!!

Please consider investing in your child’s education and in their future today!

Donations are tax deductible and easily made by clicking the buttons below or by filling out our donation form (Click Here) or donate via paypal either by making a one time donation or monthly payments.

Suggested Donation
Suggested Donations

To make a donation please use a link below. 

 * Be sure to include your student's name and grade, and the teacher's name/classroom number.

$50 - $349

Give a little to make a big difference with your $50 - $349 contribution you will receive:

  • 1 Car Magnet 

One Child

Donate the suggested amount for one child and receive:

  • 1 Car Magnet

  • 1 YGWG T-Shirt

  • 1 Yearbook

One Child: $350.00

One Time Donation

One Child: $350.00

Recurring: $50 month/7 months

Two Children

Donate the suggested amount for two children and receive:

  • 1 Car Magnet

  • 2 YGWG T-Shirt

  • 2 Yearbooks

Two Children: $600.00

One Time Donation

Two Children: $600.00

Recurring: $85.75 month/7 months

Three Children

Donate the suggested amount for three or more children and receive:

  • 1 Car Magnet

  • 3 YGWG T-Shirt

  • 3 Yearbooks

Three+ Children: $700.00

Recurring: $100 month/7 months

Three+ Children: $700.00

One Time Donation

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